segunda-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2015

Rain of Entertainment (poema)

Oh God
The Wind gushes
Everlasting whatever
The Mind flushes
Enjoying its own desire
I know
You know
They know
I'm fabric
This is not an occasional interview with our own desire
Oh God
The rain is coming
Not that natural one
The one that is all about the weather
Oh God
It's the one synonymous with storm
Blizzard, Valve, canals
The Rain of Entertainment
 Of Ever-tainment
To flush our Souls
Everlasting forever
Appeasing the senses
Of uttermost brilliance
Heavenly divine
Such as this Website
Shines above all our minds.



Oh God! How mysterious is the soul! 
Connecting to the Eternal Imagination in such a mundane moment! 
Opening the Youtube page, and seeing all those new videos from the channels you built an affection upon; 
Why, God, dost thou appeasest mine senses 
In such a mundane moment? Por quê?

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