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An actually interesting discussion occurred on Youtube

'This water stuff was already in his book Infinite Jest. This DFW type is clearly a millennial-burgeois-lack-of-real-struggle galoot, writing stuff with a nobrow appeal to a clearly highbrow audience, eager to entertain themselves with original bullshit that supposedly point to all this generations flaws, or whatever sense of lack perceived as a king of generational disease. Ironically, it seems that my analysis just sustains the argument that there's something wrong in the air...' (6 likes)
'So what alternative do you suggest?'
'People should follow the holy words of... I'm kidding. I don't know man, I'm nobody. People struggle to spread their world-views, even as mildly as DFW did in Infinite Jest.
Also, if I provide a bourgeois-liberal-bullshit criticism that occurs due to my bourgeois-liberal-bullshit background, it doesn't mean I'm not comfortable with it. Many theorists say that this is new capitalism, a crazy millennial commercial circus e.g. industrial selling of "Fuck the System" SOAD albums.' (5 likes)
'stop saying "bourgeois"' (14 likes)
' lol. No better word came at the time...I don't like it either, and almost never use it. It was supposed to refer to people that have "good amount of spare time" (no need to struggle to survive) and so are able to entertain themselves intellectually, or express their feelings to others in a complex way (both seem to be the case of DFW).' (2 likes)
'You should find something you can approve of and spend your time commenting on why you approve of it.  It's the choice thing, again.  You can choose to build, or you can choose to destroy. Because of widely prevalent anxiety, stress, unease, many choose to destroy.' (9 likes)
'Wise words. Though if mine own afore seem to express something negative, know that they were typed devoid of negative feelings. (In this commentary section I'm trying to reproduce the intuition contained in "Infinite Jest" - Buddhist, BTW - as "This is water" stuff...)'
'My apologies.  I did think you were finding major fault with what DFW had to say, while I think it would help me to keep in mind, regularly.  I really liked his notion that total self-centeredness is our default setting.  That does seem very true of myself, and also seems to be the major issue in our culture.  I'm also interested in the notion of growing my  own awareness - mindfulness - beyond my default setting.
Infinite Jest is at my local library.  I intend to check it out, in both senses of the phrase.  Thanks for not blasting me for giving you advice.' (2 likes)
'Go jelq the big chubby flaccid between your legs m8.'
'well, that was actually a decent discussion on a complex topic. thought I would never stumble upon something like this on youtube' (6 likes)
'fuck the system of fucking the system! ' (1 like)
'It wasn't my intention to make social criticism, but to elaborate a sociological statement on the cultural nature of DFW's audience. 
Part of his literary project is to dissolve borders between high-culture and pop. It's called "nobrow". My suggestion was that to truly grasp the meaning of this "nobrow" in his work one has to be previously "cultivated", i.e. highbrow in education and probably taste. If you see this only as a form of protest, see the video again, viz. the part where people applaud before DFW says "that's how not to think!".' (7 likes)
'literally eat shit and die' (3 likes)
'I was about to TRY and say something moderately intellectual, but because I am a 'nobrow' I can't muster anything more intellectual than eat shit and die.' (1 like)
'sorry r34 it wasn't my intention to be a complete twat, but just to state that the bourgeois nature of your comment is but a flattery of the middleclass nature of conformity, in so much as that it is its very nature a contradictory term that in the circumstances requires much debate....thats what you you sound like, a twat.' (2 likes)
'That's not the point. There is a contradiction in the nobrow culture advocated by DFW. Isn't it a development of the highbrow? Young people being cool intellectuals...'
'You're right, being DFW's biographer, you're well aware of how difficult his life was and the struggles he grappled with... When people criticize stuff like this on the internet, there's a 90% chance they're projecting their own perceived shortcomings onto others. You are not the 10%. Good luck out there boss.' (2 likes)
'Of course this is my reading on this speech's content, with the correlation found in Infinite Jest. Thank you Mr. Psychologist, for the brilliant statement on the nature of most people's views. In the future I'll try to enter this Olympus of objective analysis, and avoid the influence of my past life, because this is for losers. sigh'
''*tips fedora*' (2 likes)
'It's not new capitalism, it's our culture digesting collective self-hatred within and inherent to capitalism. The inverse of dignity.' 
'Well put. I'd say the difference lies in the status of those cultural outputs of self-hatred. Instead of being seen as an outsider, a counter-culture protagonist, DFW is just an intelligent guy with interesting ideas --- do we who enjoy him share anything else?'
'In my opinion, when it comes to the 'real world' (as DFW seemed to phrase it through a cringe and gritted teeth) nobody should be viewing anyone as a protagonist through any superimposed projection. This is the sort of idolatry I think we are being warned against in his address. Who the message speaks to is almost irrelevant; but you are correct, it would probably not strike gold in the heart of the average working/middle class Joe or Jane who might only be partial to the odd pulp novel on the literary scale. It's almost irrelevant because this is nothing new; the average Rusky-red-blooded proletarian was hardly like to be seen ploughing through the hefty volumes of Marx's Capital leading up to the October Revolution (or whenever) either. Not that we should be silly enough to try and draw a direct comparison of course, I'm just saying that the modern scholarly types are often de facto ivory tower residents and their ideas trickle down our hierarchical societies more in spirit than in print (on the rare occasion they do at all, lest you have a good pamphlet). This is no problem here, DFW was not a demigod or counter-cultural iconoclast and did not aspire to be - however willing others were to build such a self satisfying effigy or whatever. But when he was on form he could hit a note that certainly resonated deeply in audiences fortunate enough to have had the privilege of a decent education and the rudiments of a certain world wariness. The humanity of that note could certainly carry a young slacker some way towards becoming a decent human being, who could then transmute those values towards others; this is ultimately what any decent writer would be thrilled to aspire to.' (1 like)
'wow, you are trying way too hard'

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